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World Snow Festival

The teams 2024.

Grindelwald Tourismus
Dorfstrasse 110
CH - 3818   Grindelwald
+41 33 854 12 12

Teams from different nations are taking part in the 40th World Snow Festival 2024 in Grindelwald. Another three teams are working in the Männlichen ski area. Experience the teams and their work at first hand. Not all places have been allocated yet - do you want to take part in the World Snow Festival 2024 with your team? Then apply here now.

Teams in Grindelwald on the Eiger+ north face place & Bärplatz

  • China

    Professor Helen Jin Ying, Professor Liu Yonggang, Ms. Lv Zhongli, Mr. Zhangzhenyu

    Sponsored by Hotel Derby
  • Germany

    Anne Marie Denecke, Sandra Steiner, Florian Hoberg

    Sponsored by Hotel Central Wolter
  • France

    Blondeau Jean Yves, Blondeau Michel, Blondeau Yolande, Blondeau Francois

    Sponsored by Hotel Kirchbühl
  • Great Britain

    Christine Close, Crystal Close, Kevin Roper

    Sponsored by Hotel Eiger
  • Italy

    Pietro Germano, Alberto Boschetti, Vladimiro Tessaro, Moreno Togni

    Sponsered by Hotel Steinbock
  • Latvia

    Girts Gaikis, Ilze leva Vilne, Iveta Kaminska, Zigmunds Vilnis

    Sponsored by Hotel Hotel Alpina
  • Netherlands

    Henk Van Bennekum, Jan Matthesius, Ron Dubois, Pauline Barendse

    Sponsored by Hotel Sunstar
  • Peru

    José Luis Malca Atencio, Ilia Pavlovich Mishanin, Silvia Chirila

    Sponsored by Hotel Bergwelt
  • Switzerland

    Lucas Walt, Konradin Furrer, Guido Keller

    Sponsored by Hotel Belvedere
  • USA

    Anna Farbotko, Benjamin Barreau, BJ McKinney, Tara McKinney

    Sponsered by Hotel Kreuz & Post

Teams in the Männlichen ski area


    Florian Steiner, Matthias Vecsey, Stefan Vecsey

    Sponsored by Parkhotel Schönegg

    Simone Karthaus, Vera Dünner, Seraina Sidler, Jolanda Wenger

    Sponsored by Hotel Cabana

    Friederike Schroth, Franziska Agrawal

    Sponsored by Hotel Aspen


Grindelwald Tourismus
Dorfstrasse 110
CH - 3818   Grindelwald
+41 33 854 12 12

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