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Status hiking trails

Grindelwald • Wengen • Mürren • Lauterbrunnen • Haslital

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Mountain hiking is demandig. Careful preparation can protect against unpleasant surprises. Plan your route and duration and give yourself extra time as well as alternatives. Take into account the requirements, route conditions and the weather. Inform someone else about your trip, particularly if you are setting off by yourself.

Excessive demands increase the risk of an accident and reduce your ability to enjoy the route. Mountain hiking paths (marked white-red-white) are at times steep, narrow and exposed and require surefootedness. Realistically assess your actuel abilities nd adjust your plans accordingly. Do not undertake difficult trips by yourself.

Mountain hiking paths can be slippery. Wear sturdy hiking shoes with a treaded sole. Take with you protection against the sun and rain as well as warm clothing - the weather in the mountains is harsh and can quickly change. And up-to-date map will help you orient yourself. Consider bringing along a first-aid kit, an emergency blanket and a mobile telephone for emergencies.  

Being tired can strongly impair your footing. Drink, eat and rest regularly to remain fit and focussed. Pay attention on the time needed and changes in the weather. Do not leave the market trail. Turn back in time if necessary.

Grindelwald First/Bussalp Kleine Scheidegg/Männlichen Pfingstegg Schilthorn Haslital

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