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MTB Jungfrau Loop

Mit dem Bike rund um die imposante Jungfrau Region

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Die Trailhighlights in vier Tagen

Auf dieser Etappentour erlebst du die Trailhighlights der Jungfrau Region in 4 Tagen. Statt schweres Gepäck begleitet dich Tag für Tag das einzigartige und eindrückliche Panorama, dein Gepäck wird dir bequem von Hotel zu Hotel transportiert.

Die Tour startet und endet in Grindelwald. Dazwischen erwarten dich Klassiker wie die Kleine Scheidegg, den Lauberhorntrail, die Grosse Scheidegg und den Bachalpseetrail, Du fährst durch pittoreske Weiler und Dörfer im Chaletstil vor allem geniesst du während der vier Tagen auf dem Bike umwerfende Berg- und Gletscherblicke: nicht nur die weltberühmten Eiger, Mönch und Jungfrau, viele weitere 4000er thronen majestätisch neben dem Dreigestirn und bilden mit dem Fels, dem Schnee und dem ewigen Eis die gewaltige Kulisse eines einmaligen Naturspektakels. Die eindrücklichen Aussichten und spassigen Trails muss
man sich verdienen, Tagesetappen mit bis zu 2000 Höhenmeter sind im Programm. Auspowern kann man sich also bestimmt. Qual der Wahl: fast auf jeder Tagesetappe stehen 2 wunderschöne Varianten zur Verfügung, eine direkte und eine längere und technisch anspruchsvollere Strecke.


Day 1: Grindelwald – Mürren

Option 1: easier tour 29 km, 1560 m altitude, 1650 m depth. GPS track 1ad and 1be

Option 2: longer and technically more difficult tour 39 km, 2015 vertical meters, 2110 vertical meters. GPS track 1as and 1bs

Today's tour starts with a longer ascent, alternatively you can drive the 1100 meters directly up to Kleine Scheidegg (GPS-Track 1ad) or take the detour via Männlichen (GPS-Track 1as). This means an additional 400 vertical meters and 7 kilometers. The detour is worth it because of the sensational panorama of Männlichen and the subsequent flowing romantic trail, which is a lot of driving fun. On the Kleine Scheidegg, the hub to the Jungfraujoch, we turn away from the masses and drive with an impressive view of the Eiger Mönch and Jungfrau towards the Lauberhorn racetrack, world-famous for the legendary ski race in winter. Parts of it are also rideable by bike. Single trails take you past Hundsschopf to Wengenalp. There are two options for the continuation to Lauterbrunnen. The technically easy variant (1be) leads over forest paths and meadow trails, the difficult one (1bs) over partly technically very demanding trails with hairpin bends, roots and steps. Beware, especially when it's wet the wooden beams lying across are treacherously slippery. In Lauterbrunnen, the large gondola lift is available for overcoming the next 700 metres in altitude. If you haven't had enough challenging descents for today, you can let off steam on the demanding freeride route to Lauterbrunnen and then take the cable car again. Otherwise you roll comfortably, the imposing panorama of the famous triumvirate Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau always in view, to Mürren.

Day 2: Mürren – Interlaken

Facts: 37 km, 740 m altitude, 1800 m depth.
GPS Track 2

As usual, the tour day starts with an ascent. The 700 meters of altitude difference to the Rotstock hut are not completely drivable. At the latest at lunch at the hut built of stone, the exertions are forgotten and the upcoming descent with 1200 metres of depth will put a smile on your face. Over the official hiking trails you will be hurled over stones and forest soil into the valley. As with the other trails, the trail is super varied. Tight bends, smaller steps and liquid stretches line up and end at the legendary Basejump steep face in Lauterbrunnen. The cycle track of the Weisse Lütschine leads back to Wilderswil for the end.

Day 3: Wilderswil Interlaken - Meiringen

Option 1 (einfacher): 32 km, 600 m altitude, 580 m depth. GPS 3e

Option 2 (schwerer): 43 km, 1920 m altitutde, 1890 m depth. GPS 3s

There are basically two variants available for the first stage. The chilly tour (GPS Track 3e) on the signposted mountain bike route 451 leads along the northern shore of Lake Brienz. But on the signalled bike route of 32 kilometres there are still 600 metres of altitude difference, the tour mainly leads along forest roads and paved cycle paths. On the more difficult tour (GPS Track 3s) there are 42 km and almost 2000 vertical metres to be covered, whereby after the first longer descent you can also take a shortcut and roll comfortably along the Aare to Meiringen. Crunchy ascents are compensated with driving fun on the descents, mostly on Wiesentrails.

Day 4: Meiringen – Grindelwald

Option 1 (technically simple, without bus transport): 38 km, 1900 m altitude, 1400 m depth. GPS Track 4ad and 4b

Option 2: by bus to Rosenlaui: 28 km, 1200 m altitude, 1500 m depth. GPS Track 4ad and 4b

Option 3: (more trails, partial ascent by bus): 41 km, 1900 m altitude, 2200 m depth (additional 750 m altitude and 10 km by bus). GPS Track 4as and 4b

The day starts with a long ascent over alpine roads (variant 3, GPS 4as). When you reach Wandelalp, you will have around 1300 metres of altitude difference in your legs. The high moor landscape is a real highlight for nature lovers. The descent into the Reichenbachtal is a pleasure and only in places a bit more challenging. Having arrived on the road to Grosse Scheidegg, we now recommend taking the Postbus to recharge your batteries for the last meters of altitude and trails of the day on the spectacular trip to Grosse Scheidegg. From Grosse Scheidegg (GPS 4b) the bike path leads via First to Bachalpsee, the most photographed mountain lake in the Alps. After the photo stop we concentrate for the descent on fantastic and very varied trails as far as Grindelwald. The 1,100 metres of depth over alpine hiking trails, root stretches and trails are the crowning glory of the day. Variant 1: If you want to cover the stretch completely on your own, it is best to take the direct route to the Grosse Scheidegg (GPS 4ad and 4b).

Option 2: If the 1900 m difference in altitude seems too much for a day's stage or if you would like to take it easier, take the Postbus directly from Meiringen to Grindelwald in the morning and get off in Rosenlaui (or alternatively at an earlier or later stop). There a short walk to the legendary glacier gorge is worthwhile before you climb the further 630 m with your bike to the Grosse Scheidegg. Continue as described above via First and the beautiful Bachalpseetrail. 


  • 4 Übernachtungen (Grindelwald, Mürren, Wilderswil/Interlaken, Meiringen) im Doppelzimmer inkl. Frühstück
  • 4 Abendessen
  • 4 Gepäcktransfers (Grindelwald-Mürren, Mürren-Wilderswil/Interlaken, Wilderswil/Interlaken - Meiringen, Meiringen-Grindelwald)
  • 4 Tage Mietbike
  • GPS-Tracks für 4 Tagestouren 

 Preis pro Person à CHF 1'050 im Doppelzimmer

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