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6 Reasons Why You Should Go Camping This Summer

Jungfrau Region's Blogbuster Series / Nr. 33

It is summer and so the camping season has officially started. You might be thinking now, why does everyone go camping? There is no better way to be close to nature than spending the night outside in a tent.  Maybe you are not the outdoor type, but you should go camping at least once in your life. Here are 6 reasons why.

#1 Nature

Let’s appreciate the probably biggest and most important reason why you should go Camping – NATURE. There’s no other kind of travelling where you can be so close to nature and enjoying the beauties of our world. Waking up with the sound of birds or a river next to you... Is there anything more wonderful? 

#2 Quiet time and Recharging

A good side effect is also the peace and quiet on a campsite. Especially in the Jungfrau Region the campsites are mostly a bit remote and offer a perfect oasis to enjoy the peace of nature and to recharge your batteries. A perfect contrast to hectic everyday life.

#3 Family time

Who doesn't know this situation, the kids are running around in the room, very over motivated and are trying to get rid of their energy? Of course, this won’t happen if you can find the biggest playground in the world right in front of the camper door or the tent. There’s always a lot to do on a campsite for the whole family.

#4 Travelling

Camping is an exciting way to travel. You can enjoy the life on the campsite or planning day trips like hiking or bike tours. We would recommend to travel from one campsite to another to see different places and villages.

#5 Low Budget

For many people the budget is certainly also a reason to go camping. No matter if you are a a student or a huge family, almost everyone can afford to spend their holidays on a campsite. the whole holiday feeling on a low budget.

#6 Stargazing

But probably the best thing about spending the night outside is the darkness and what you can see when the sun goes down. Especially in the Countryside you can see many stars because there are no city lights. A tip, just lie outside, look into the stars and wait for a falling star, you will like it!

Convinced? Then check out the Campgrounds in the Jungfrau Region!

Photo #6: Grimselwelt

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