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Medicinal herb days with guided tours

03.07.2022, Hofstetten b. Brienz

Aromas and magical powers out of the garden.

Herbs can help cure many things, particularly at Ballenberg Open-Air Museum! Anyone interested in natural medicines and therapies should be sure not to miss our medicinal herb days, when health and well-being specialists make natural products before your very eyes and then sell them. At the Craftsman’s House from Herzogenbuchsee BE (381) with its historical chemist’s, Ballenberg pharmacists offer free guided tours through the herb and scented garden all weekend long. Admire the large selection of medicinal plant seedlings, which are available to purchase. You can also pay a visit to the spice and dyers’ garden or the exhibition in the historical chemist’s.

Information about the event

Date / Period

  • 03.07.2022
    10:00 - 17:00

Meeting point / Venue

Ballenberg, Freilichtmuseum der Schweiz
Museumsstrasse 100
3858 Hofstetten b. Brienz


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