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Adventure & Fun

The Hobbits would have been stunned. Adventure being fun at the same time? At least our Frodo can't really imagine this after his odyssey with the ring. We prove it to him – the journey through the Jungfrau Region offers loads of adventures with a mega fun factor.

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Summer Gemel

Sledging on Pfingstegg. Gemeling on Männlichen.

It looks great, is low-slung and the silver rims of its three wheels are glimmering in the sun. The summer «gemel» (sledge-bike on wheels). And best of all: steered using weight, the Ferrari of the Alps rides just like on runners.

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First Glider

Top of Adventure.

The eagles are coming. Or, in other words: they've arrived on First and have been permanently installed. We can rise into the air in the claws of the eagle, like Frodo. Epic scene.

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