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Trail Running

The countless trails that wind their way around Grindelwald
are ideal terrain for both novice and experienced trail
runners. There’s something for everyone, whether
easy flow trails, technically challenging descents and
thrilling verticals, all in a breathtaking setting. Trails
for training can be found between 1,000 and around
3,000 metres. Eiger Ultra Trail is part of the Ultra Trail
World Tour event that is held annually in Grindelwald.

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The diversity of the Jungfrau Region is a huge draw for trail running enthusiasts, with  everything from easy trails through forests and meadows to technically challenging trails in alpine terrain. Some trail running routes are also popular with hikers. During the peak season (July/August) and on weekends, the trails can be quite crowded. The routes at higher elevations can also be covered with snow during the summer months. Please inform yourself about current conditions and be aware of the local weather forecast.


Auf die richtige Ausrüstung kommt es an. Ob Rucksack, Stöcke oder Schuhe - das Material muss stimmen. Mit dabei sollte unter anderem eine Rettungsdecke, ein Handy, Verpflegung und eine Wind-/Regenjacke sein. Gut ausgestattet macht Trailrunning gleich noch viel mehr Spass.


  • Stay on the trails.
  • Be considerate to hikers and mountain bikers.
  • Be considerate of wildlife and respect protected areas
  • Leave no trace, get rid of your rubbish!

Eiger Selfness Hotel, Grindelwald.

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Hotel Lauberhorn, Grindelwald.

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Parkhotel Schoenegg in Grindelwald

Parkhotel Schönegg, Grindelwald.

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Hotel Kirchbhl

Eiger Collection Hotel Kirchbühl, Grindelwald.

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Caprice Sommer, Jungfrau Region

Hotel Caprice, Grindelwald.

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Hotel Alpenblick, Grindelwald

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