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Yoga in the mountains

Alpines Sportzentrum Mürren AG
CH - 3825   Mürren
+41 33 856 86 86

I have been a yoga teacher in Mürren since 2004. I qualified in Hatha Yoga but over the years have formed my own mixture of different forms of yoga and stretching.

In my classes I focus on 3 things :
1. Breathing - using different techniques and teaching how to breath
correctly for a healthy body and mind
2. Stretching combined with the breath (incorporating many poses, the
sun salutations and 5 Tibetans)
3. Relaxation - this is not just about relaxing the body but about learning
to switch off mentally and physically

If you are a beginner or have never done any yoga before you are also welcome - the class adapts to all capabilities.

I provide mats, blocks, belts and blankets. You should wear loose comfortable clothes.

I also do made-to-measure classes for individuals, groups and families (please do contact me direct for more information and prices)

For more information or to book you can contact me Denise Fussell on:
Tel. 078 642 348 5 (outside Switzerland 0041 78 642 348 5)


Yoga Tuesdays at 10.30 a.m. (winter season)

Stretching Wednesdays at 5.00 p.m.

Yoga Wednesdays at 6.00 p.m.


CHF 15.00


In the sports hall of the Alpine Sports Centre Mürren

Alpines Sportzentrum Mürren AG
CH - 3825   Mürren
+41 33 856 86 86

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