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A mountain village tells stories, audio tour through Guttannen

The theme trail "The weather and us" shows in audio and text documents what it means for the inhabitants of the mountain village of Guttannen to deal with weather extremes and climate change.

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Snow, rain, wind: the weather has always had an impact on the everyday lives of the people of Guttann. The villagers are also familiar with extreme weather events - long winters, avalanches and violent Föhn storms are not uncommon. The people of Guttannen have learned to deal with these natural influences. They observe the weather, the mountain and adapt their behaviour. They don't let extreme events get them down - the village moves even closer together in such moments.

Over 20 locals report on various topics such as avalanches, debris flows, the pass road and give their thoughts on their future. It is a unique listening experience, an opportunity to experience life in the mountain village of Guttannen up close.

2 hours, 30 minutes
53 vm
66 vm
Starting Point
Gemeindehaus, Plätzli 186, 3864 Guttannen
Ending Point
Oberdorf, 3864 Guttannen
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Author Tips

Fully charge your smartphone, headphones are recommended for a focused listening experience.


  • Internet-enabled smartphone

More information and links

The theme trail was initiated by the association "Guttannen bewegt".

The text panels are written in a generally understandable way and the audio documents include recordings of children and adults mostly in the local dialect Haslideutsch. The theme trail is intended for a wide audience: for families, school classes, for students as an impetus to deepen a specialist topic or as a destination for your company outing. It is also possible to visit only some of the 28 stations. The entire tour of the 2.8-kilometre-long theme trail takes about 2.5 hours.



Starting Point

Gemeindehaus, Plätzli 186, 3864 Guttannen

Koordinates :

Geographic 46.654723 N 8.289833 E

Ending Point

Oberdorf, 3864 Guttannen

Step by Step Directions

Start: Gemeindehaus, Plätzli 186, 3864 Guttannen, right next to the "Guttannen Dorf" post office stop and in the immediate vicinity of the public car park (Lengacherli 191, 3864 Guttannen).

Start your tour with the first board in front of the municipal hall, Plätzli 186, 3864 Guttannen. On the theme trail you will find QR codes that you can scan with your smartphone and thus go directly to the overview with the map of Guttannen on the one hand and listen to the audio files on the other. Continue now from one station to the next.

Getting There

Public transport

Thanks to its central location in Europe, Switzerland is served by international trains from over 12 countries. Within Switzerland, Intercity trains run from Basel and Lucerne directly to the Jungfrau Region. Travellers from Zurich change trains in Bern. The trains run every half hour.

From Interlaken and Lucerne we travel comfortably on the Zentralbahn panorama trains directly to Meiringen. From Brünig-Hasliberg we have several post bus connections at our disposal.

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Getting there

From Basel and Geneva, the fastest route to the Jungfrau Region is via Bern. From Zurich, the route via Lucerne and the Brünig Pass is recommended. The pass is open all year round.

From the south, travel to the Jungfrau Region via the Grimsel or Susten Pass. Both passes are only open in summer. An alternative is the Simplon Pass with subsequent car transport through the Lötschberg tunnel.

Arrival Guttannen


There is uncovered parking in the village.

Haslital Tourismus
CH - 3860 Meiringen
+41 33 972 50 50

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