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The Bächlitalhütte is located in the Grimsel area at 2328 metres above sea level. The hike from Räterichsbodensee to the hut takes about three hours.

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The Bächlitalhütte is suitable as a destination for a leisurely day trip. In addition, the hut is a good starting point for various mountain tours and offers a variety of climbing routes nearby. The small mountain lake invites children and adults to linger. Also interesting is the glacier tongue, which can be easily reached in half an hour.

The child-friendly hiking trail leads through a diverse fauna of animals and plants. In early summer the alpine roses bloom. Chamois, marmots and ptarmigans are native to the area.

The entrance is classified as T2.


1 hour, 43 minutes
567 vm
58 vm
Starting Point
Räterichsboden Staumauer
Ending Point
Bächlitalhütte oder Räterichsboden
Top public transport friendly Loop With refreshment stops Family friendly


Recommended season
  • jan
  • feb
  • mar
  • apr
  • may
  • jun
  • jul
  • aug
  • sep
  • oct
  • nov
  • dec

Author Tips

  • The path is ideal for families with children (without prams)


  • The intensity of the sun increases at high elevations. Always bring sun screen (with a high Sun Protection Factor), a sun hat and sunglasses with UV protection
  • Warm clothing and rain jacket are always required. You are well prepared if you bring different layers.
  • Fully charged mobile phone
  • First aid kit
  • Carry adequate supplies of food and water

Safety Guidelines

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Starting Point

Räterichsboden Staumauer

Koordinates :

Geographic 46.590668 N 8.328111 E

Ending Point

Bächlitalhütte oder Räterichsboden

Step by Step Directions

Räterichsboden - Bächlitalhütte - Räterichsboden

Getting There

Public transport

Thanks to its central location in Europe, Switzerland is served by international trains from over 12 countries. Within Switzerland, Intercity trains run directly from Basel and Lucerne to the Jungfrau Region. Travellers from Zurich have to change in Berne. The trains run every half hour.

Getting there

By car there are different ways to get there. The fastest way from Basel and Geneva is via Bern. From Zurich, the fastest route is towards Lucerne and the Brünig Pass. The pass is open in summer and winter.

Coming from the south, you can reach the region via the Grimsel or Susten Pass. The two passes are only open in summer. The Simplon Pass and then the Lötschberg car transport are alternatives.


Parking spaces are available on the Grimselpassstrasse. Since parking is limited, public transport is recommended.

Zustieg Bächlitalhütte
Zustieg Bächlitalhütte

Haslital Tourismus
CH - 3860 Meiringen
+41 33 972 50 50

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