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Light Art Grindelwald

Artists 2022

Reinhard Böhme (DE)

The studied interior designer, light and land art artist Axel Reinhard Böhme lives and works in Radolfzell on Lake Constance. For years, his light art projects have been an integral part of cultural nights in the Lake Constance region. He works with the given circumstances, modifies natural or architectural situations and creates spaces full of poetry and lightness.

Thanks to: Elektro Feuz AG 
Video projection: Ulrich A. Riebe

”This will all make sense, once we stop the time loop.”

Marie Nørgaard Nielsen (DK)

Marie Nørgaard Nielsen is a Danish artist who works on a large scale with textile works and three-dimensional structures. For the past 7 years, Marie's work has been supported by the Danish Art Foundation. With her art, Marie seeks to create a pathway to our hearts: filling the viewer with light and providing a glimpse of our inherent connection to the divine.

Thanks to: The Danish Artfoundation, L. F. Foghts Fond, Brother Brother & Sons, Jes Hermann Saatterup & Copenhagen Light Festival


The Oracle


"NOMINAL" is a collective of film, urban art and installation art: Anne Sommer, Jen Ries, Manuel Sieber, Fabian "Bane" Florin


@Cemil Erkoc für Zauberwald Lenzerheide

Kendra Sollars / Lauren Strohacker (Arizona, USA)

Lauren Strohacker is an ecopolitical artist with a focus on wildlife. She collaborates with artists, institutions and non-profit organisations, focusing on wildlife and public space to reflect larger contexts of ecology, politics and radical interspecies communalism. Kendra Sollars' experiences as a college and professional synchronised swimmer inform her interdisciplinary work. Her work explores the interconnectedness of humans with the natural world, particularly water.


Animal Land

Jacqueline Hen (DE)

Jacqueline Hen is an artist and spatial designer who works on large-scale performative installations and environments. Her work explores the perception of body and space at the intersection of physical and digital habitats. She was awarded the International Light Art Award 2019 for her work Light High. Since 2017, she has been teaching as an assistant professor of design at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM). Jacqueline Hen studied visual communication, spatial and experiential design at the Berlin University of the Arts and at the Art Center College of Design Pasadena.


Formation of the sun


LUX is a French artist duo from near Lyon, consisting of Simon Chevalier and Lucile Cassassolles. In contrast to a world saturated with fast, colourful and loud invitations to the viewer, they prefer to present simple, static, black and white artworks. Since 2016, the duo has been working with large-scale and geometric forms to create sober and precise graphic sculptures that are presented in public spaces on a high pedestal to give them a symbolic function. LUX's artworks have been exhibited at various events and light festivals in Europe and around the world.



Massimiliano Moro (CH/ES)

Massimiliano Moro lives and works between Lugano and Barcelona. In his artistic practice, he tries to create new balances between light and architecture with the help of design and sculpture. In 2006, he began his artistic training at the Escola Massana, where he studied sculpture and later completed a bachelor's degree in art and design. He then obtained a Master IED in Architectural Lighting. He has been working independently since 2015 and has participated in exhibitions worldwide. His works are in numerous private collections.


In front of you

Catherine Pearson (Lausanne, CH)

Catherine Pearson is a Swiss illustrator based in the hills of Lausanne.  With a European Bachelor in Illustration, Catherine has developed a unique and playful style through her career and experiences. Her passion is bringing ideas to life, and she believes illustration can work where words cannot.

"My goal as an artist is to inspire joy by conveying a positive message through my illustrations and stories. And over the past few years, I've learned to appreciate nature and how it breathes life into my surroundings. This artwork is a celebration of nature, but most importantly, it is a celebration of life." 


Jardin Sauvage


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