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5 Random Words in Swiss Dialect We Use In The Jungfrau Region

Jungfrau Region's Blogbuster Series / Nr. 38

Is it High German or Swiss German? It’s dialect! It is not uncommon that even native Swiss have to ask twice to understand the language we speak in the Jungfrau Region. It is a quite special dialect, we admit that. Nevertheless, when you understand it, it's a very nice version of Swiss German. But this is something that has to be learned, let's start with these five random dialect words used in the Jungfrau Region: 

#1 Moin 

Moin – Moin – Moin. Just a little word but nevertheless, it seems that some locals could have whole conversations with just only this word. The word «Moin» is actually derived from «morning» in the sense of beginning the day. But whether you greet or say goodbye, the greeting form that originates from northern Germany and the south of Denmark, can be used for both and the whole day or the whole night.  

#2 Bänz 

Never heard of it? You'll find a «Bänz» on the alp or in the stable. In the Bernese Highlands, the term «Bänz» means a sheep. But sometimes it can also refer to a dog or even a boy. The modified expressions «Bänzi», «Bänzelli» or «Bänzli» can also be used.

#3 Schmutz 

«Gib mer es Schmitzli?» This expression should be used with caution and usually only with your own partner. Because a «Schmitzli» or «schmutz» means nothing less than a kiss. So, the question posed asks for a kiss. 

#4 Dorfen 

«Nächti heimmer lang dorfed.» Who doesn't know it, you just want to go to the supermarket or just go out for a beer and then...? You run into a friend and you're stuck talking to him forever. In the village a little chat, a little gossip and sitting together - that's what «dorfe» means. In English we would probably translate this Swiss German word with chatting.

#5 Obsi 

«Da geits aber steil obsi».  This expression was often heard on hikes, for example. Because these often lead «obsi» (upwards) to the mountain top. When you have reached the top, you can already think about which way you want to choose for the hike «nidsi» (downwards).


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