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7 Food Classics That You Have To Taste When Travelling Switzerland

Jungfrau Region's Blogbuster Series / Nr. 40

Let’s talk about the verry important things in life. FOOD. We’re all Food lovers and looking for the very best menu to eat each day. Nothing easier than this while travelling to Switzerland. Cheese and Chocolate, yes that’s what Switzerland's kitchen is famous for. So, most of the following 7 Classics are something with cheese. But anyway, all of those are very tasty, worth to try and only available here in Switzerland. But we show you the Food Classics better with pictures and leave it with the attempt to describe the whole thing, because the best way is to convince yourself and try our suggestions for real.

#1 Rösti

#2 Raclette

#3 Fondue

#4 Älplermagaronen

#5 Chäsbrätel

#6 Öpfelchüechli

#7 Meringue (with Vermicelle)


Cover Photo: Claudio Schwarz / Purzlbaum on Unsplash
Photo #3: Angela Pham on Unsplash

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