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How Well Do You Know The Jungfrau Region?

Jungfrau Region's Blogbuster Series / Nr. 53

You know that the Jungfrau is the highest mountain in the Jungfrau Region? That the Eiger North Face is one of the largest and most famous north faces in the Alps? That everyone needs to enjoy the view from the Jungfraujoch at least once in their life?

Then you already know the Jungfrau Region pretty well. But can you also answer more difficult questions?

Test yourself by answering the question for yourself before opening the answer.

#1 When did the first Lauberhorn race take place?

a) 1925
b) 1932
c) 1930
d) 1970


c) 1930

The winners of the very first Lauberhorn Race were: Downhill: Christian Rubi (SUI) Slalom: Ernst Gertsch (SUI) Combination: Sieger Bill Bracken (GBR)

#2 Whats the incline of the steepest ski slope in the Jungfrau Region?

a) 55%
b) 66%
c) 77%
d) 88%


d) 88%

It's slope No. 9 in the Schilthorn Skiing area, where even James Bond has boarded down the slopes.

#3 When was the Velogemel first patented?

a) 1905
b) 1923
c) 1911
d) 1914


c) 1st of April 1911

The «steerable sport sledge with in-line runners» invented by Christian Bühlmann has the Patent number 52628. Here you can read more about the history of the Velogemel.

#4 On which glacier did an American Dakota C-53 with twelve passengers crash-land in 1946?

a) Gauligletscher
b) Aletschgletscher
c) Oberaargletscher
d) Rosenlauigletscher


a) On the Gauligletscher in the Haslital

You can find more information about the crash landing here.

#5 Which poet was inspired by the Staubbach Falls?

a) Heinrich Heine
b) Friedrich Schiller
c) William Shakespeare
d) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


d) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The poet immortalized the Staubbach Falls in 1779 in the poem «Gesang der Geister über den Wassern» (Translated «Song of the Spirits over the Waters»)

#6 How long is the "Big Pintenfritz" sledge run, the longest sledge run in the world?

a) 12km
b) 15km
c) 9km
d) 23km


b) 15 kilometres (and 1600 meters of altitude)

To reach the starting point of the descent, the sledge must first be pulled for about 2.5 hours from the First mountain station up to the Faulhorn.

By the way, the special name Big Pintenfritz is due to the legendary innkeeper Fritz Bohren, who ran the "Pinte" (Hotel Bellevue) as well as the Mounhtain hotel Faulhorn in Grindelwald.

How many of the questions could you answer correctly? Share it with us on social media: @jungfrauregion oder #jungfrauregion

Photo #6 Jungfraubahnen

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