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Jungfrau Region's Blogbuster Series / Nr. 43

Slow down, take it easy.

Everyone needs a relaxing day every now and then. For this exact reason we have put together a program where you can come up to us to the mountains to slow down:

08.04 o’clock, Train departure from Bern to Grindelwald (change in Interlaken Ost)

Unfortunately, only people from Bern are allowed to visit our region. Just kidding, of course everyone is welcome - we'll just take our beautiful capital as a starting point.

You might think that starting at 8 am is not very relaxed - but hey, even for a relaxing program you have to get up early, to get something out of the day. Arrival by car is also possible. But we recommend the train, so you can travel comfortably and don't have to look for a parking space when you arrive.

09.38 o’clock, Arrival in Grindelwald on track 9¾ 

Unfortunately, the track indication is only a joke - although the valley itself has something magical about it and there is actually a connection to Harry Potter.  Learn more. 

09.40 o’clock, cozy walk to the Pfingsteggbahn

Below the Grindelwald train station is the former 5-star Hotel Regina, which is unfortunately empty now. Through the Regina alleyway (to the left of the hotel) you reach the Dorfstrasse, which leads down to the "Endweg" school - here you follow the road downhill past the Boutique Hotel Glacier until you reach the Schwarze Lütschine (“Black Lütschine”, the local river). Directly on the other side of the bridge there is a path on the left along the river. On this path you continue - the so-called "Erlenweg". A truly beautiful autumn promenade...


Fun fact: The Weisse Lütschine (“White Lütschine”) runs through the Lauterbrunnen Valley, meeting the Schwarze Lütschine (“Black Lütschine”) from Grindelwald in the village of Zweilütschinen (“Two Lütschine”) - now the name makes sense, right?

10.30 o’clock, Arrival at the Glacier Gorge Grindelwald


Follow the "Erlenweg" until you reach the glacier gorge of Grindelwald. For CHF 19 you can discover and experience the gorge of the Lower Grindelwald Glacier, which is an impressive masterpiece of nature. Here you will be rather undisturbed at this time of day. Keep your jacket ready. It is known to be a little cooler in a gorge.

11.30 o’clock, Cable car to Pfingstegg


After visiting the glacier gorge: On the opposite side, where you came up from the "Erlenweg", the path now leads down via Dorfstrasse, past the golf and tennis courts, to the Mettenberg bridge (the Mettenberg belongs to the Mountain Trio with the Eiger and Wetterhorn) and up to the Pfingsteggbahn. The cable car glides up to Pfingstegg in a few minutes, where a wonderful terrace with a view of the Eiger village awaits you. Here you can lean back - with an original swiss dish and a refreshing drink. The cable car will operate until the 12th of October 2020.

13.30 o’clock, back in Grindelwald 

After the ride back to the valley, we're off to the wellness area. The agony of choice. Most of the hotels are within walking distance - otherwise you can take the local bus, e.g. at Bodmi or Aspen. After enjoying the wellness, a fine dinner can easily be added at the respective hotel.

Individual return journey


We won't make a further timeline - the time factor sometimes means stress and the focus is on enjoying and switching off. By the way, if you want to take a piece of Grindelwald home, culinary or handicraft, you should make a stop at the Eigerness Shop in front of the train station. The small store is located right in the entrance area of the large Coop supermarket.

Also, of course it is not forbidden to spend a night in beautiful Grindelwald and let the day come to an end. Discover Hotels.

This or a similar program can of course be experienced in every village of the Jungfrau Region. Let us know if we can help you. 

More inspiration:  Faster, higher, further - these are the maxims of our time. But it is all about returning to the basic values of life. More and more people are opting for a vacation dedicated to health, nature and well-being. Holistic recovery in the form of active recreation in a natural and authentic ambience is the deciding factor for the future. Under "Berner Oberland Vital" we offer our guests exactly that with several product lines. Learn more.

By the way, also great for relaxing: Bob Ross - Bridge to Autumn
If you don’t know Bob Ross, you’ve missed something in your life until now...

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