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Where there are more cows than people

Gimmelwald is a very originally preserved mountain farming village with around 100 inhabitants.
Here we live in close contact with nature and our animals. The village is characterised by flower-decorated chalets in front of the four-thousand-metre high mountain massif of the Jungfrau.
The sound of cowbells is usually the only thing that changes the peaceful atmosphere. If you are looking for a truly idyllic holiday resort, you have come to the right place.


Guests are catered for in the Mountain Hostel and Pension Gimmelwald.

If you would like something to drink, this is the place to be. We particularly recommend the Schwarzmönch beer.

Warm cuisine is not always available in Gimmelwald. More options for eating lunch and dining can be found in the neighbouring village of Mürren.

Shops, souvenirs

The local farming families sell their products from their home, fields and gardens directly from the farm.

A special shop is the Honesty Shop, where there is no cashier. You just take the goods with you and put your money in the cash register. You can only get this much trust in Gimmelwald.


Gimmelwald is car-free. Therefore it is only accessible by public transport.
It can be reached by cable car from Stechelberg or Mürren. A narrow mountain road also leads down to Gimmelwald from Mürren. In winter you can use this as a toboggan run.

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1300-1400 In the course of the Walser migrations, the rear Lauterbrunnen valley was settled from the Lötschental. In old documents the locals of Gimmelwald and Mürren were called the "Lötschers".

1346 One of the earliest mentions of the village of Gimmelwald is found in a document in which Baron Peter zum Turme von Niedergesteln in Valais sold his possessions in the Lauterbrunnen Valley to the Interlaken Monastery.

1638 a blast furnace was built in the "Schmelzi" south of Zweilütschinen, which can still be seen today on the right-hand bank hiking trail from Lauterbrunnen to Zweilütschinen. Iron ore was mined mainly near the Dürlocherhorn, above Kriegsmahd, south of the Rottal glacier, and transported to the Schmelzi by sledges and carts. Mining continued until 1715.

1705-1805 a mine was operated in Trachsellauenen. Silver-bearing galena and zinc ore was mined and processed in several galleries. The associated blast furnace was destroyed by an avalanche in 1931. The ruins can be visited in Trachsellauenen.

From 1700 onwards Flax and grain were formerly angepflanzt. It was spun and woven. Only in the 18th century pflanzte potatoes were grown, which were the main food until the end of the 2nd World War and still play a role in feeding the farming population today.

1789 Gimmelwald opened its own school with 20 pupils.

1869 the Hotel Schilthorn was built.

1871 Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and his sister spend their summer holidays at Hotel Schilthorn. Tourism brings merit to the village. Gravel for building the hotel in Mürren was taken from the Sefnenlütschine and carried in sacks to Mürren. Wage for a burden:1CHF. Mountain guides and porters were needed. Distinguished guests were carried on a carrying chair to the Schilthorn.

1890 Opening of the Bernese Oberland Railways BOB from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald.

1891 Opening of the Lauterbrunnen-Mürren BLM railway.

1965 The Schilthorn Railway opens up Gimmelwald. It brings a lot of relief and comfort to the people of the village, a development of tourism, better frequentation of restaurants and holiday homes. Apprentices can return to the family every day. Residents can also pursue their work in the valley below and as far as Interlaken. Attendance at the secondary school in Lauterbrunnen was made possible. Migration and the feared extinction of the village was halted.

2019 Purchase of the former school building by a newly founded local cooperative. The village thus retains its community centre and the former schoolhouse square for parties, club meetings, church services and private events (there are after all 12 clubs and cooperatives in Gimmelwald). In addition, the cooperative is converting the former classrooms into flats with the aim of counteracting migration. 

Mürren Tourismus
CH - 3825   Mürren
+41 33 856 86 86

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