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«The Final Problem»

Sherlock Holmes moments in the Haslital

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Sherlock's back and plans on staying

The soul of the master detective has been haunting Meiringen for many years. At the beginning of May, the legend will shine eternal for his enthusiastic fans to keep the myth alive. The Sherlock partners (known as «Sherlockers») are creating a shared space to let visitors experience the spirit of the great detective first-hand in the Haslital.

Murder mystery in Meiringen

Meiringen became the scene of a missing person's case, which unleashed turmoil amount the residents of the Haslital and led to the wildest of speculations. You play the role of the great inspector Sherlock Holmes. It’s up to the participants to decide where and when to investigate. A smartphone guides players through a tricky criminal case to solve the mystery of “the missing professor” on a tour of Meiringen. 

From July the new case "The number Pi".

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Krimispass Meiringen

Sherlock Holmes Museum

As the owner and operator of this unique museum in the English church, the Alpen Energie Dorfgemeinde Meiringen offers visitors a new attraction with its latest addition, thus doing justice to the recent history of the English detective. Together with the world's only replica of the master detective’s parlour at 221b Baker Street, the museum is a truly intense experience. 
The solution to the 60 puzzle clues on the bronze statue of Sherlock Holmes on Conan Doyle Square in front of the museum can also be found inside the museum.

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SWISSPEAK Resorts Meiringen

  • Large magnifying glass in the lobby
  • Puzzle wall at the reception 
  • Puzzle fun flyer
  • Painting by numbers - new version for children with fewer dots
  • Home decorations with lampshades and pictures 

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Sherlock Lounge & Club

A select range of gin, rum, fine wiskeys, grappas and many other drinks are ready to be enjoyed.

Further information: www.

Alpine Camping Meiringen - Mystery Room

The idyllic and lovingly run campground has a new surprise in store, the Sherlock Mystery Room. Fun, thrills and an old-fashioned detective case for young and old alike.

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Molki Meiringen - Sherlock Fondue and Sherlock Ice Cream

Still don't know how to make an authentic «fondue»? Molki Meiringen is the place to find the recipe for success. Eight recipe suggestions for an unforgettable fondue evening can be found at - you're not allowed to leave before you try it - Sherlock Holmes fondue made by Molki Meiringen!

Bakery Frutal - Tea Room and Sherlock chocolate

Indulge in something sweet in a serene English setting. The bakery is known for the artistry of its desserts and holds the record «for the world’s largest meringue». One of its top-sellers are decorative meringues featuring Sherlock Holmes.

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Sherlock E-Bikes: Smart mobility by Wiedemeier-Zweirad

What’s the quickest, most convenient and sensible way to reach your destination in the 21st century? That’s right: e-bikes! Ride a «Sherlock e-bike» to all the Sherlock attractions with an e-bike from Wiedemeier-Zweirad. 

Trace his path through the Haslital with the new Sherlock e-bikes:for rent at the Sherlock Holmes Museum during business hours.E-bikes are also available from our partner Wiedemeier-Zweirad at Rudenz 11.

Half day rent: CHF 25
Full day's rent: CHF 40 

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Jenny and Banholzer - Sherlock Holmes readings

Books and stationery – the perfect one-stop shop with something for everyone!

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Butcher shop Christian Nussbaum - Sherlockerli

Our products as well as the delicious Sherlockerli are produced in our own production in Meiringen with a lot of passion and professional craftsmanship and skill.

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Vacation apartment Holmes Home

sleep like sherlock holmes

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Jungfrau Region’s Blogbuster Series

Haslital Tourismus
Bahnhofplatz 12
CH - 3860   Meiringen
+41 33 972 50 50

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