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Enjoy The Foggy November

Jungfrau Region's Blogbuster Series / Nr. 50

November usually is a pretty gloomy and rainy month where fog and the cold have the upper hand. But who says that there is nothing good about November? Here are 4 suggestions on how to defy the fog.

#1 Find the sun

In many valleys and cities in Switzerland, the sun rarely pushes through the wall of fog that often forms in November. Which is why it is even more important to seek the sun every now and then. Most of the times you don’t even have to go very high up to escape the fog, it usually only takes a short train or gondola-ride. For example in Mürren, you can tank up on vitamin D and enjoy the sea of fog over Lauterbrunnen.

#2 Enjoy the mystical mood

There are not a lot of things out in nature that are more mystical and mysterious than fog. So why not fully dive into the fog and enjoy this mood? Especially for photographers or other artists, fog is an extremely exciting element that can be creatively transformed into works of art.

#3 Learn something about fog

To get through the dreary days, here are a few facts about fog that you may not have known:

  • Fog is actually nothing more than a cloud touching the ground.
  • We speak of fog when we see less than a kilometer away. If you can see eight kilometers at most, it is mist.
  • There are not only rainbows, but also fogbows that glow snow-white instead of colourful. This is because the light rays that are reflected are superimposed on each other due to the particularly fine water droplets of the fog.
  • If you were to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool with fog and then somehow condense it, you would be left with around 1.25 litres of water.

#4 Wait for winter

But no matter how hard we make the best out of the fog, in the end there is not much else to do in November but to dream of a snowy and sunny winter. Because what could be better than enjoying the fresh snow in the sunshine?

Photo #3: @lauterbrunnen on Instagram

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