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Airtime Paragliding

Mürren | Lauterbrunnen

Airtime Paragliding
CH - 3822   Lauterbrunnen
+41 79 247 84 63

Free as the birds

You can already enjoy the wonderful panorama at the launch site. But this is nothing compared to what you will expect as soon as your feet leave the ground.
During and after take-off, you will feel the big glider gently pulling you and your pilot up into the air. The comfort of the harness allows your legs to wriggle in the air, whilst at the same time enjoying the magnificent view and feeling of flying. An overwhelming feeling of freedom in the fresh mountain air is literally breathtaking!

Your Swiss-certified Tandem Pilot steers the glider up and over the village of Mürren, the valleys and waterfalls of the Lauterbrunnen valley (the Valley of the Waterfalls!)
By the way; no previous experience of flying is necessary - only the appetite for adventure!

From Mürren you can fly all year around. This is thanks to the favorable geography and microclimates. Flights are possible in almost all weather conditions, however, you will not fly in rain.
Paragliding is on many bucket lists. Time to cross this one off!

Plan your next adventure now.

Opening hours

Paragliding is possible all year round. In the summer you can fly a little longer, because the days are longer.

Airtime Paragliding has different fixed time slots at which you can book your flight.

For the whole experience you have to allow one to two hours, depending on the flight you have booked. Of this time, 15 to 40 minutes is air time.


Flight from Mürren to Stechelberg: from CHF 190.-
Same stretch, double flight time (if conditions permit): from CHF 290.-


Airtime offers you the possibility to ride with them from Lauterbrunnen to Stechelberg and then take the gondola to Mürren.
You can also meet the pilots directly in Stechelberg or Mürren.

From the Schilthorn cable car station in Mürren, you go to the take-off point together with your pilot. The launch area varies depending on the season and the flight booked.

Airtime Paragliding
CH - 3822   Lauterbrunnen
+41 79 247 84 63

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