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Apollo Run Schiltgrat - Gimmeln

The wide, sunny trail goes from the Schiltgrat mountain station via the Schiltalp and Gimmeln back to Mürren.

Mürren Tourismus
CH- 3825 Mürren
+41 33 856 86 86

After a short ride on the chairlift to the Schiltgrat mountain station, you already have a breathtaking view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

The first sections of the trail are steep and jump start the sledge. The second part can be, depending on snow conditions, a bit slow. Shortly after passing the chalets of Gimmeln, the quaint mountain village of Mürren comes into view. You glide through the snow-covered forest right back into the village without having to pull the sledges.

30 minutes
2 vm
484 vm
Starting Point
Bergstation Schiltgrat (2119 m ü. M.)
Ending Point
Mürren Dorf (1650 m ü. M.)
Top public transport friendly Scenic Tour route With refreshment stops Family friendly


Recommended season
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Author Tips

At the Gimmeln mountain restaurant, order a well-deserved piece of apple cake (insider tip!) before the journey ends down in Mürren.


  • Schlitten oder sonstiges Fahrgerät wie Velogemel, Bob usw.
  • Winterbekleidung (witterungsbedingt)
  • Hohe, feste Schuhe mit gutem Profil
  • Schneesporthelm empfohlen
  • Sonnencreme & Lippenschutz
  • Verpflegung & Getränke
  • Notfallnummern
  • Optional: Rodel statt herkömmlichen Holzschlitten verwenden (ist besser steuerbar)

Safety Guidelines

  • Sicheres Schlitteln 
  • Der Weg führt über einen Winterwanderweg. Bitte auf Wanderer Rücksicht nehmen.

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Starting Point

Bergstation Schiltgrat (2119 m ü. M.)

Koordinates :

Geographic 46.557444 N 7.871983 E

Ending Point

Mürren Dorf (1650 m ü. M.)

Step by Step Directions

Fahrt mit der 4er Sesselbahn von Mürren zum Schiltgrat

Schlittelstrecke: Bergstation Schiltgrat - Schiltalp - Gimmeln - Mürren

Getting There

Public transport

Thanks to its central location in Europe, Switzerland is served by international trains from over 12 countries. Within Switzerland, intercity trains run from Basel and Lucerne directly to the Jungfrau Region. Passengers from Zurich change trains in Bern. The trains run every half hour.

An aerial cableway takes guests from Lauterbrunnen station to Grütschalp in the shortest possible time. Here you can change to the train, which offers wonderful panoramic views and takes about 15 minutes to reach the car-free mountain village of Mürren.

Alternative journey from Lauterbrunnen: 20-minute bus journey (Bus No. 141) to the Schilthornbahn stop. Change to the cable car, which takes about 10 minutes to reach Mürren.

The valley station of the Schiltgrat 4-seater chairlift is located behind the Schilthorn cable car station in Mürren.

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Getting there

By car, there are several ways to get to the centre. From Basel and Geneva the fastest way is via Bern. From Zurich, the quickest route is towards Lucerne and the Brünig Pass. The pass is open in summer and winter.

From the south, the journey to the region is via the Grimsel or Susten Pass. Both passes are only open in summer. The Simplon Pass and then the Lötschberg Car Transport are available as alternatives.


Lauterbrunnen car park or the uncovered car park by the Schilthorn cable car in Stechelberg.


Mürren Tourismus
CH- 3825 Mürren
+41 33 856 86 86

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